Pick Up/Drop Off Routine

During morning drop off and afternoon pick up, we are fortunate to have access to the community centre parking lot. We are also fortunate that the construction crew has opened a pathway for parents and students to access school property.

It is imperative to remember that when using this pathway:

  1. Students are accompanied by parents to and from the pathway.
  2. Additionally, when making your way from the pathway to the perimeter of the school, parents and students should stay clear of parking lots. Parking lots are fully operational and could pose a safety hazard. Please ensure that parents/students stay within the areas outlined with pylons.
  3. Parents are not permitted on the school yard. You are a parent to your children, but a stranger to all other children. We do not want having strangers in the yard to be a student’s norm, as they may not respond to perilous situations thinking that this may be a parent and not a stranger.
  4. The bus loop, is only for buses and daycare. Do not drive through to drop off your children.
  5. If using the sidewalk in front of the school, please use the crosswalk to access school property.

During Pick Up:

Primary parents may go to their respective doors to pick up their students. Please stand back from the doors to allow for flow of traffic. Junior/Intermediate parents are asked to create a meeting spot on the outskirt of the property.

We thank you for your co-operation in helping to maintain the safety of our children.