Weekly Challenges – Videos – Watch them here!

In order to stay connected during distance learning the CTK Community is  engaging in weekly challenges.  These are posted on our morning announcements and Twitter.  If you missed it, or simply would like to watch them again, here they are:

Christ the King is an amazing place to be.  Even though we are physically distant, we are still a community who cares for one another. Please take some time to see the products of our weekly challenges!

Week 1 – CTK’s Oh Canada Challenge – this challenge was utilized to create a unique compilation of Oh Canada for our morning announcements and to show how proud we are to be Canadian, especially during these uncertain times!

Week 2 –  CTK’s Thank You Front Line Heroes Challenge – Christ the King came together to thank our front line heroes.  We at Christ the King realize how important our frontline heroes are, they keep us safe, healthy and happy.  We just wanted to give a small token of appreciation for all their hard work, past, present and future! Thank you!

Week 4 – CTK’s Got Talent for Seniors Challenge – Christ the King and Stay in Touch came together to brighten a senior’s day.  In addition to this montage of student talent, student videos were sent to seniors’ homes and put on the STAY in TOUCH website in hopes of bringing a smile to seniors who are in isolation during this time.  This is just another example of CTK coming together to give back to our local community.

Week 5 – CTK’s Baking Challenge – We noticed that many children have taken up cooking and baking with their families.  So CTK created a cookbook by CTK families for CTK families.  Try some of these yummy recipes.

Week 6 – CTK’s Keeping Busy Challenge – In an effort to help maintain a positive mindset we thought it would be a good idea to share how we are keeping busy and happy at home.  It is nice to see our students keeping their spirits uplifted while engaging in fun activities with their families.

Week 7 – CTK’s Helping Others Challenge – In this challenge we wanted to highlight our food drive and any other way students are helping their families and other community members.  The CTK Helping Others Challenge highlights how we feel good when we help others and at the same time we help others to feel good too! We are so proud of our students, at Christ the King we GET INVOLVED, we FEEL THE SPIRIT and definitely MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Week 8 – CTK Put Down the TECH and Get Close to Nature Challenge – It seems that we are attached to TECH these days.  This challenge was used to motivate students to put down their tech and get outside.  Taking walks, planting and taking care of a garden can make people happy and calm.  It gives us the break we need to calm our minds and bodies.

Week 9 – CTK Positivity Matters Challenge – In this challenge students were asked to come up with positive statements to help motivate their peers to be positive!  These submissions were used in our morning announcements to remind students why positivity matters.

Week 10 – CTK Graduation Wishes Challenges – Coming Soon –