Black Heritage Month at CTK

  • FEB 9 – Dwayne Morgan –  Student PresentationsEveryday Excellence – This is his signature talk which focuses on change, choice, and self-love. Motivational in nature, Everyday Excellence challenges students to critique their thoughts and decision-making to take hold of their potential. In February, issues around race are woven into the presentation.
  • FEB 15 – Dwayne Morgan – Staff WorkshopRace & Education – This session explores how race impacts the way different groups of students experience school. From personal biases to micro-aggressions, we look at the common realities for students of colour and increase our awareness of how we can move forward creating more equitable environments for all students to thrive.
  • FEB 16 – Dwayne Morgan – Parent Workshop Race & Our Children – This session looks at how race impacts our children, how they see themselves, what they imagine as their potential for the future, and how we can better live together in a world that no longer pretends that race isn’t a thing that affects us all. REGISTER HERE:
  • FEB 24 – As an offering for Black Heritage Month activities, the Reading Rainbow Team is inviting all elementary schools to participate in a live-streamed event on February 24th, 2022. This event will feature read-aloud presentations of three different books written by Black authors.
  • FEB 25 CANADIAN MULTICULTURAL INVENTORS’ MUSEUM International African Inventors Museum Exhibit in the gym
  • FEB 28 Virtual School Assembly to share class contributions of BLACK EXCELLENCE: HEROES; ATHLETES; AUTHORS; ACTIVISTS; INNOVATORS; ASSOCIATIONS