I ROCK AT CTK – During the week of March 7-11 students will be challenged to demonstrate character traits of perseverance. When teachers spot students demonstrating these characteristics, they will earn BRAG TAGS and have a chance to win a limited edition I ROCK BRACELET! GO CTK!

The following are the characteristics that will be highlighted this week:

  • Self-belief – I believe in myself. I know that when I try hard or keep trying that I will get closer to my goal(s). I also encourage others to achieve their goals.
  • Setting and working towards goals – I know that creating goals will help me improve. I set goals, make a plan, monitor my plan, and work diligently towards my goals, even when it may get tough to do so.
  • Motivation I like to learn new things, I work hard toward my goals. I like to work with others when trying to achieve my/our goals. I practice so I can do better. I am determined.
  • Sustained work habitsI complete my tasks on time and to the best of my abilities. I always try my best. I keep going when things get tough.
  • Positive mindsetI try my best to have a positive attitude. I focus on the good. I know I am capable. I learn from my mistakes. I look for solutions. I embrace challenges.