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New Asthma Policy

The policy dealing with students who have asthma has changed. In accordance with the Act to Protect Pupils with Asthma (Ryan’s Law : Ensuring Asthma Friendly Schools, 2015) the Board approved a new policy #206: Protection of Students with Asthma at its June 21st Board Meeting. The York Catholic District School Board recognizes that there are some students within the school ... Continue reading "New Asthma Policy"

Members Of Our School Community With Severe Allergies

Please be aware that a member of our school community has a severe allergy to tree nuts. Even though all of our schools are nut-safe, we sometimes let our guard down or forget that members of our school community have life-threatening allergies. The specific allergy in this case is to tree nuts. A snack package that has the symbol linked to this news item does ... Continue reading "Members Of Our School Community With Severe Allergies"

Self-regulation And School Climate

Every parent and teacher wants their school to be safe and orderly. During our first PA Day last year, our staff set as a school goal to encourage students to be empathetic, reflective thinkers able to self-regulate. We believe that self-regulation is something that a child learns as he/she matures. As we move towards this goal, we ask that you support us and your child(ren) ... Continue reading "Self-regulation And School Climate"